New GOP Committeemen Appointed

Here is the first wave of appointments of people to fill precincts where people didn’t run for Precinct Committeeman.  They were appointed on May 19th. By law such appointments are made by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman, Sandra … Continue reading

2nd Ethics Complaint against Andy Zinke Dismissed for Lack of Sufficiency

Undersheriff Andy Zinke was taken off the ethics hook for a second time before the McHenry County Ethics Commission Thursday afternoon. Former Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler filed the complaint along with evidence of Zinke having had his photo taken in … Continue reading

More Tryon Precinct Committeemen Endorsement Letters Surface

Two more instances in which incumbent Republican Precinct Committeemen are being challenged have drawn endorsement letters from State Rep. Mike Tryon, the retiring McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman. They are in Algonquin 46, a Cary precinct in which McHenry … Continue reading

Four Sheriff Deputies Identified as Material Witnesses in Scott Milliman Case Hire Robert Hanlon as Independent Counsel

Both Zane Seipler’s blog and Gus Philpott’s Woodstock Advocate have articles that deserve to be read with regard to the taking of depositions in fired McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman’s wrongful termination suit in Federal Court. Let me point … Continue reading

Another $5,000 in Legal Fees in Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Schenkert’s Wrongful Termination Case, $36,000 So Far, But No Back Pay for Deputy Yet

The man has been back at work for almost a year and still there is no settlement in the case won by Deputy Sheriff Bob Schlenkert. When one adds the $4,845 in legal fees to $791.05 in expenses, the total … Continue reading

$31,000 in County Legal Fees in Schlenkert Case, $14,000 after Appellate Court Decision

Yesterday McHenry County Blog pointed out that reinstated Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Schlenkert has not been given his back pay or any other compensation for the wrongs found done to him by the judicial system. Today, let’s look at what the … Continue reading

Eleven Months after Winning Appellate Court Case Deputy Bob Schlenkert Remains Unpaid

Almost eleven months ago, McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Robert Schlinkert won an Appellate Court decision putting him back to work. The decision came just three days after oral arguments indicating the justices thought Schlinkert had a pretty good case. Periodically, … Continue reading

Mahon Decries “Grudge Match” Against Employees like Zane Seipler

Mike Mahon, who is facing off against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren has issued the following press release: NYGREN’S LEGAL GRUDGE MATCHES AGAINST EMPLOYEES COSTING TAXPAYERS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS News that McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren will appeal a court … Continue reading

Zane Seipler’s Thoughts on Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Selection of Andy Zinke as Undersheriff

Zane Seipler, who challenged Sheriff Keith Nygren for McHenry County Sheriff in the Republican primary election, but lost, has continued commenting on activities concerning the Sheriff’s Department on his blog McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed. Today, he has published an … Continue reading

County’s Legal Bill $17,000 So Far in Deputy Bob Schlenkert Firing Case

Remember the McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy who just got ordered re-instated? His name is Bob Schlenkert and the story about his appellate court decision is here. The missing part of the story is how much it cost. $16,943.20 was paid … Continue reading

Schlenkert Wins Unanimous Decision in Appellate Court

When I wrote the article yesterday on Deputy Sheriff Bob Schlenkert’s victory in the 2nd Appellate Court, I didn’t have the decision. Now, I do. This decision came down three days after the oral arguments. I’m no student of appellate … Continue reading

Bob Schlenkert Wins Reinstatement as McHenry County Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Bob Schlenkert, fired by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren for not following an order to complete basic police academy for a second time, has won his reinstatement court case in the 2nd Appellate Court. Stunning is the length of … Continue reading