Reader Reaction to Woodstock Independent Editorial Hit Piece on Joe Tirio – Part 1

The first reaction to this week’s Woodstock Independent editorial, still not on the internet, attacking Joe Tirio for daring to file a lawsuit to discover who is responsible for maligning him came from Woodstock Republican Precinct Committeeman Richard Rostron: Very … Continue reading

Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Asserts Right to Keep Highway Department Records Secret

Illinois Leaks reports on the latest development in its quest to obtain records from former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s regime. The article is reprinted with permission. Algonquin Township – Under the Big Top – Gooch & Miller Show … Continue reading

D200 Delays Lakewood TIF Suit…for Now

Woodstock District 200’s School Board decided to delay making a decision on whether to sue the Village of Lakewood in an attempt to invalidate its Tax Increment Financing District until December 30th. The reason was that agreement had been reached … Continue reading

Republicans Challenge State Legislative Map in Federal Court

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon: Republicans and Concerned Citizens File Lawsuit to Invalidate 2011 Legislative Map  CHICAGO…..Today in Federal Court, minority leaders from the Illinois House and Senate, along with many concerned citizens, filed a lawsuit challenging … Continue reading

Lawsuit Hinted re Pledge of Allegiance Recording

I don’t know if this is an indication that Melissa Bean’s campaign for re-election to her 8th Congressional District seat is in trouble or that a League of Women Voter member is really angry about the negative publicity engendered on … Continue reading

County’s Legal Bill $17,000 So Far in Deputy Bob Schlenkert Firing Case

Remember the McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy who just got ordered re-instated? His name is Bob Schlenkert and the story about his appellate court decision is here. The missing part of the story is how much it cost. $16,943.20 was paid … Continue reading

Apparently Legal for Grafton Township Board to Sue before Open Meeting Approval

So, after hearing of the counter suit filed the Monday before last by township trustees against Supervisor Linda Moore after Moore filed her Separation of Powers suit, I wrote the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office asking whether a governmental body … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Former Joe Walsh Staffer Sues Candidate

“Been there, seen that” was my reaction when I read former campaign manager Kieth Liscio’s press release about suing his former employer, 8th District GOP candidate Joe Walsh. Back in 1982 when I unsuccessfully ran for Congress against incumbent U.S. … Continue reading