Chicago Tribune – Six Days Late on ACORN, Seven, If You Count Internet Stories

I read the Chicago Tribune pretty thoroughly. This week after the Fox News expose on community organizing group ACORN Friday, a week ago, I was watching for stories. The TEA Party folks had ACORN’s number. You can see that from … Continue reading

Earmarks in the Health & Human Services and Labor Budgets – Part 5

There was so much in the congressional Labor Department and Health and Human Services budgets this year that I could not download the file. I had to wait for Taxpayers for Common Sense to create a spreadsheet. This the final … Continue reading

The Illinois Congressional Pork Report

Taxpayers for Common Sense have totaled up the congressional earmarks in the budget bill being voted on this week. I was reminded of that when I read an editorial cartoon sent to me by my Joplin, Missouri, brother-in-law. It was … Continue reading

Illinois Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Congressional Earmarks – Part 4

For the last three days, we have listed the pork found in the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development part of this year’s budget found because Taxpayers for Common Sense posted such congressional earmarks. The whole list for this part … Continue reading