Jack Franks’ Backers Target County Board Member Chuck Wheeler

Despite having made a countywide and two County Board District mailings a new Political Action Committee calling itself “Illinois Integrity Fund” still has not filed its existence with the Illinois State Board of Elections. A  post card attacking District 4 … Continue reading

Larry Tyree, Former McHenry County College Interim President, Selected Interim President of Florida Keys Community College

If you had your choice, would you spend the winter in Crystal Lake or the Florida Keys? The McHenry County College Board selected Larry Tyree to be its interim president after Walt Packard was handed his walking papers last spring, … Continue reading

Former Interim MCC President Larry Tyree Now Candidate for Same Job in Florida Keys

Larry Tyree said he quit as McHenry County College’s interim president because of family reasons. Now the Florida Keys Keynoter reports Tyree is one of four candidates for interim president at Florida Keys Community College. Here’s how he is described: … Continue reading

Press Release from MCC Board Finally Arrives about New Interim President Kathleen Plinske

I’m happy to publish press releases of a political nature and, sometimes, other subjects, but last night I received one from McHenry County College is a format which I could not copy and paste. You can be almost certain that … Continue reading

McHenry County College Interim President Larry Tyree Resigns

That didn’t take long. Interim President Larry Tyree replacing Interim President Brian Sager replacing the faster-you-get-out-the-door-the-better President Walt Packard has stepped down after a month in office as head of McHenry County College. As the last one standing, Kathleen Plinske, … Continue reading