CL TIF Districts

This year McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has made it easy to find what Tax Increment Financing Districts are extracting from our pocketbooks. Since my tax bill is composed of most of the tax districts into which Crystal Lakers pay, … Continue reading

CL Council Abandons Park District

At the Crystal Lake Expo on Saturday, I talked with Crystal Lake Park District Executive Director Jason Herbster. Earlier, I reported that he told me that the tax bill for the park district would be up 4% this spring. Today, … Continue reading

A Late 1970’s Alternative Vision of Recreational Gravel Pits in Algonquin Township – Part 2

Because horse riding had just been banned at the old Lake Defiance, now Moraine Hills, it occurred to me that it could go in a Gravel Gertie State Park. Snow mobilers weren’t having trouble finding places to ride, but they … Continue reading

A Late 1970’s Alternative Vision of Recreational Gravel Pits in Algonquin Township – Part 1

During the first month of publishing McHenry County Blog in 2005, I wrote the following about what could be done with the gravel pits in Algonquin Township. Since then, of course, Crystal Lake has used higher sales taxes and a … Continue reading

More Evidence of TIF Real Estate Tax Diversion

McHenry County Blog was started in reaction to the City of Crystal Lake’s announcement that it would be creating a Tax Increment Financing District to finance development of the Vulcan Gravel Pit. With the subsequent recession, that plan went askew … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Police Department Having “National Night Out” Saturday at Three Oaks Recreational Area

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department: 2013 Crystal Lake National Night Out On Tuesday August 6th 2013, the Crystal Lake Police Department will be hosting National Night Out, a nationwide event providing an opportunity for the community … Continue reading

A Reminder of What Happens in a TIF District

Since McHenry County Blog was started in reaction to the Crystal Lake City Council’s putting Route 14 next to the Vulcan gravel pit in a Tax Increment Financing District, perhaps you will excuse me for returning to the subject once … Continue reading

Original Developer of Vulcan Lakes TIF District Sentenced to Year in Prison in Unrelated Case

A 2007 Cub Scout meeting caused me to miss Springfield politician-developer Bill Cellini’s appearance before the Crystal Lake City Council the day it awarded the contract for the development of the Vulcan Lakes TIF District. It wasn’t until a Northwest … Continue reading

Fund Raiser for Scott Milliman Sunday: “No Hurdle Too High”

One of the several deputies fired by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren has brain cancer. Unfortunately, his firing, coming after he was deposed in Zane Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination suit, came when he apparently needed health coverage. His daughter tells … Continue reading

TORA – Ticket to Re-Election

The petitions for re-election are being circulated for Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and Council members Cathy Ferguson, Ellen Brady Mueller and Brett Hopkins. And, just in time for the campaign, there is an election kick-off party that required the … Continue reading

One Millionth Hit for McHenry County Blog Today

It was October, 2005, when the Vulcan Lakes TIF proposal by the city council spurred me to start McHenry County Blog. I knew–and knew that most others didn’t–that every dollar that gets poured into a Tax Increment Financing District’s project … Continue reading

Vulcan Lakes TIF Expected to Generate $115 Million, Lots Out of Taxpayers’ Pockets

In a meeting of Crystal Lake governmental bodies about the Vulcan Lakes/Route 14 Tax Increment Financing district, which the city council will vote upon next Tuesday at 7:30, its consultant revealed that $115 million is expected to be generated. And, … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Comes Through With Endorsement of TIF…As Predicted

As predicted below on November 6th, the Northwest Herald is trying to come to the rescue of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and the city council. The Vulcan Lakes Tax Increment Financing district certainly must be important to someone(s) important. Maybe a … Continue reading

Crystal Lake TIF Pre-Nov. 15h Leaflet: Mayor Shepley/Council Plan TIF Tax Hik

Content of the leaflet being distributed by Jim Young: Citizens Against TIFS, Jim Young, Chairman Mayor Shepley/Council Plan TIF Tax Hike The Crystal Lake City Council is planning to divert money from our school, park & college districts to benefit … Continue reading

Crystal Lake’s Coventry Subdivision Latest To Be Leafleted by Citizens Against TIFs

Crystal Lake’s Jim Thompson, Chairman of Citizens Against TIFs, leafleted much of the Coventry subdivision today. The man is indefatigable. Under his supervision, thousands of leaflets explaining how the Crystal Lake City Council’s passage of two Tax Increment Financing districts … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Vulcan Lakes/Route 14 TIF Delayed Until Dec. 6th

With both Crystal Lake school districts and the park district opposing the Vulcan Lakes/Route 14 TIF, the Crystal Lake City Council approved a pre-meeting agreement to postpone the vote until December 6th. With the seven council members were unanimous in … Continue reading