UPDATED with COMMENT: Loyalty to Donald Trump Leads to Descent of Rudy Giuliani from America’s Mayor to Bankruptcy as Fake Trump Electors Learning Painful Lessons

Rudy Giuliani Fall of Giuliani reminder of consequences when taking one’s support for any one person too far and Giuliani not alone taking falls for Trump Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez On Thursday of this past week, … Continue reading

UPDATED Colorado Supreme Court Ruling: Injustice or Part of Left’s Plan to Boost Donald Trump? Ramaswamy still on Colorado Ballot

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UPDATEDx2: If Donald Trump Really Dominating Not Only Republican Primary Field, but Also President Biden in the Polls, Why is Trump Considering Nikki Haley for VP?

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UPDATEDx2 with Trump endorsement and MORE Comments, From the Desk of John Lopez: My Response to the Des Moines Register Poll Released this Morning Showing Trump up 32 Points

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Elections 2023: Trump Exhaustion Syndrome in Kentucky & Ohio Portends Awful Horror of 2024 Elections

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UPDATED: As Trump Begins Selling Out Pro-Life Voters another Trump-supporter Loses Special Election Flipping Seat for Democrats

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Republican State Central Committeeperson from Lake County Joining Trump Presidential Campaign as Political Adviser but with Real Objective

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Is Donald Trump Really Up 50 Points in the Polls? Stunts like These by Donald Trump, Jr. Prove Otherwise

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UPDATEDx3: The Awful Horror of November 2024 if Donald Trump Wins Nomination

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Ron DeSantis Rejects “RINO” Label Because of Refusal to Kiss Donald Trump’s Rear End plus Full Context of “Listless Vessels”

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UPDATEDx2: President Trump Indicted Down in Georgia and Responds with Outrageous Statement about Irrefutable Proof that will Exonerate Him

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UPDATED: Donald Trump $40.2 Million in Legal Fees Burning Through Campaign Cash Plus John Lopez Radio Show Call with Bruce DuMont

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Homeland Security’s Take on Bill Congress Passed and the President Signed

From the Department of Homeland Security: Secretary Nielsen Statement on FY19 Homeland Security Funding Bill and National Emergency Declaration WASHINGTON – Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen released the following statement on the signing of the legislation that … Continue reading