Crystal Lake Ex-Pat Makes Front Page of Joplin Globe as St. John’s Selects Rebuilding Site

My brother-in-law Denny Desmond, 1966 graduate of Crystal Lake Central High School, married my sister Ellen, Class of 1970. They moved to Joplin, Missouri in the early 1990’s. The self-effacing guy ended up on the village board of a suburb … Continue reading

A Letter from Joplin – Part 1

What follows is the first part of a long note from my sister, who lives in Joplin. Mercifully, her family lives in Leawood, about a quarter of a mile south of the Interstate on which I saw a photo of … Continue reading

Joplin Tornado – What Happened at the AT&T Store Across from Walmart

With my sister’s family living in Joplin, you can imagine our concern when the massive tornado hit. I knew where she lived and I knew where St. John’s Hospital was and I heard the tornado was a mile wide. She … Continue reading

Photos of Storm Damage in McHenry County

A friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following photos of  “storm damage on Paulson Road just south of Streit. Trees fell across the North-South Paulson Road. “Behind this tree, hidden from view are about 15 more covering the roadway. … Continue reading