Message of the Day – Court Reporter Fail

I was looking at the transcript of the Elgin hearing conducted by Barbara Flynn Currie and her reapportionment committee. Here’s testimony that had me laughing out loud: MR. PEICKERT: I’m Bob Peickert, P-e-i-c-k-e-r-t. I’m a resident of Elmhurst and the … Continue reading

Senate Democrats Unleash Redistricting Lines

Illinois Senate Democrats have released their draft of districts for the next ten years. Below you see want they want to happened in McHenry, Lake, northern Kane and Cook Counties. Although McHenry County has enough people to continue justifying a … Continue reading

New State Rep. Maps Appear on Speaker’s Web Site – But They Are From 2001

Go figure. There are two reapportionment web sites out there. The 2001 is still active and that’s what I happened upon last night before I wrote the article below, which might be useful for historical purposes but has nothing to … Continue reading

McHenry County Reapportionment Machinations in SE McHenry County

In the last article, McHenry County Blog showed the three maps developed by Dr. Michael Fortner. Now, let’s focus on where the action is, the Southeaster part of McHenry County. That’s where the bulk of the residents live, of course. … Continue reading

Kane County Board Has Posted Draft Reapportionment Map

Here’s a county ahead of the redistricting curve. At the last meeting of the McHenry County Board a number of non-Legislative Committee members wanted to see tentative maps. They pretty much got the brush-off. Now comes Kane County map makers … Continue reading

Status Quo Rules in McHenry County Board Redistricting Comments

A roll call was not taken for the reapportionment straw poll questions asked by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler. Just a series of hand raising. What you see above is a good indication that the size of the county … Continue reading

Three Democrats to Listen to Redistricting Comments Saturday

The following announces Democratic Party State Reps. Jack Franks, Lou Lang and Frank Mautino will take testimony in Marengo Saturday concerning the drawing of congressional and legislative map lines for the next decade. No Republicans are on the panel, which, … Continue reading