How Social Conservatives Won the McHenry County Board Video Slot Machine Fight

It’s been a couple of weeks since the McHenry County Board bucked Chairman Ken Koehler, State Senator Pam Althoff, State Rep. Mike Tryon and those who stand to gain financially from placement of video poker machines in local taverns and … Continue reading

The McHenry County Board’s Gambling Debate – Part 3

This is the fourth article on Tuesday’s gambling debate at the McHenry County Board. Click to find who voted how and for Part 1 and Part 2. Having failed to alter the agenda to allow a Tuesday up or down … Continue reading

The County Board’s Gambling Debate – Part 1

The McHenry County Board meeting debate Tuesday was extraordinary in its lack of focus on the gambling issue. Algonquin’s Marc Munaretto put it best, asking why two resolutions, one to hold an advisory referendum on the issue and the other … Continue reading

Schedule for Electronic Slot Machine Gambling Votes Set in McHenry County

John Hammerand, Chairman of the McHenry County Board’s Liquor and License Committee has informed McHenry County Blog that the question of whether an advisory referendum will be put on the February 2nd primary election ballot will be voted upon November … Continue reading

Message of the day – Raised Hands

On October 7th, next Wednesday, the McHenry County License and Liquor Committee will hold a hearing starting at 6 PM.  It will be at the administrative center north of the county jail. Input will be sought on whether the county … Continue reading

Libertarians Urge Attendance at McHenry County Board Slot Machine Meeting Wednesday, October 7th

McHenry County Libertarians are marshaling people to attend the License and Liquor Committee meeting on whether a ban should be imposed on slot machines and video poker in the unincorporated part of McHenry County. The meeting will be held starting … Continue reading

McHenry County Board May Let Voters Have Say in Bar Slot Machines

It conceivable that the McHenry County Board may allow citizens to vote whether they want slot machines and video poker in McHenry County. It would be an advisory referendum, because the legislature only allowed binding referendums that are initiated by … Continue reading