Democratic Party District 2 McHenry County Board Candidate Suzanne Ness Running Excellent Ground Game

Wednesday, just before ten in the morning, I had my car radio tuned to WBEZ-FM and heard someone identify herself as “Suzanne” call in. Turns out it was McHenry County Board candidate Suzanne Ness, who is running as a Democrat … Continue reading

“Man Bites Dog” Story on Front Page of the Northwest Herald

It’s OK if a newspaper trashes a public official. That has happened to Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser more than a few time in the Northwest Herald. Yet, negative publicity was never levied at his predecessor Bob Miller  while … Continue reading

Women Rallying for Dave McSweeney Saturday at Crystal Lake’s D’Andreas

There’s a “Women for McSweeney” rally being held Saturday in Crystal Lake at D’Andreas Banquets at 10. On the Host Committee are Mary Alger Geri Davis Jean Marie Kapp Rebecca Kress Cara Kretz Rebecca Lee Lu Ann LeFew Anne Majewski … Continue reading

Long-Named Guys Leading in County Board District 3, Walkup Next, Two Mary’s Vie for 4th

Joe Gottemoller’s last name is so long that his sign emphasizes his first name. Nick Provenano’s last name is pretty long, too. Generally, short-named people have an advantage, if only because their name is easier to fit on a sign. … Continue reading

Lou Bianchi Endorses Mary Alger for County Board with Mailing

Now we have the second countywide official endorsing a person running for the McHenry County Board. Sheriff Keith Nygren endorsed Linda Kvidera Murphy in District 4. But he didn’t spend any money. He just lent his name. In District 3, … Continue reading

Emphais on McHenry County Board’s Decision to Tax to the Max Continues to Dominate Northwest Herald Coverage for District 3 Candidates

You may remember that Kevin Craver’s Northwest Herald article about District 2 McHenry County Board candidates focused on the vote to increase the property tax levy by the maximum of 1.5% Cost-of-Living increase allowed by the Real Estate Tax Cap. … Continue reading