Seven Resign from IEA Union at CL High School District 155, Will Get More Take-Home Pay; Tax Meeting at 6

In the Crystal Lake High School District 155 Board packet for Tuesday’s meeting are September letters from seven employees telling the District to stop taking union dues out of their paychecks. Details follow: Cary-Grove – Library Paraprofessional Prairie Ridge High … Continue reading

Alden-Hebron Unit District Teachers Pay $661 per Year in Union Dues

The forty teachers in Alden-Hebron Unit District 19 are all members of the local Illinois Education Association union. All of them are members of the teachers’ union. Each pays $33.05  in dues each pay period. That’s $661 per person or … Continue reading

Prairie Grove School Employees Send $58,747 to Illlinois Education Association

Seventy teachers and forth support staff members working for Prairie Grove Grade School District 46 contributed almost $60,000 a year to the Illinois Education Association. The union, which captured control of the school board at one point, counts all seventy … Continue reading

$661 per Year Paid to IEA by Alden-Hebron School District Employees

There are forty members of the Illinois Education affiliate representing Alden-Hebron Unit School District 19 employees. Each pays $661 per year in union dues. Assuming all work the full year, the IEA would receive $26,440.   … Continue reading

McHenry County’s Union Employee Pay Almost $289,000 in Dues Each Year

McHenry County has unionized employees in four unions: Service Employees International Union (Valley Hi Nursing Home) Fraternal Order of Police (Sheriff’s Department) Local 150 of the Operating Engineers (Highway Department) Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP – Circuit Clerk’s Office) 580 … Continue reading

$659,000 Goes to Teachers Union in Huntley School District

The taxpayers of Huntley Unit School District 158 pay through the salaries paid their teachers and auxiliary workers $658,760.20 to two affiliates of the Illinois Association. 692 teachers paid $508,734.82 during the last year. Other employees, numbering 478, paid the … Continue reading

Richmond-Burton High School and Nippersink Grade School Union Dues

Richmond-Burton High and Nippersink Elementary Schools have a unified administration. Superintendent Tim Lund performs that role for both District 157 and District 2. Just mentioning that because it shows that intergovernmental cooperation among high and grade school districts can, no, … Continue reading

147 Harvard School District Employees Have Over $100,000 Deducted from Their Pay Checks in Union Dues Each Year

Harvard Unit School District 50 has 147 union members. They have $26.96 per pay period deducted from their pay checks. Multiplying the almost $4,000 per pay check going to the Illinois and National Education Association union means $103,429.30 flowed to … Continue reading

Almost $66,000 Flows from Woodstock Employees into Coffers of Police and Public Works Unions

$65,888.77 went from tax dollars in 2017 to the two unions representing Woodstock Police and Public Works unions. Below you see two types of 2017 payments from employees of the Public Works Department. One category is administrative; the other membership. … Continue reading

McHenry County Government’s Union Employees Statistics

With the United States Supreme Court having rules that public employees don’t have to pay union dues, McHenry County Blog is looking at the potential impact on local governments, including school districts. Here is the information for McHenry County: Description … Continue reading

Huntley School District Union Members Could Save $716 by Dropping Out Copy

Huntley Unit School District 158 has 160 public union members. Each pays, regardless of salary, $716 a year in union dues. The IEA teachers union, the Huntley Education Association, struck in 2008. See articles about the relationship of the union … Continue reading

Cary School District Employees Could Get $676 More in Take-Home Pay by Dropping Out of Union

According to the Cary Elementary School District 26, each unionized employee pays $37.56 in each of the eighteen pay periods in dues to the Illinois Education Association. Regardless of income, each employee pays the same amount. That’s amounts to $676 … Continue reading

Legislative Committee Adding Anti-Union Language to Legislative Agenda Thursday

You may remember the unhappiness of McHenry County Board members for being called out by Local 150 of the Interanation Union of Operating Engineers for allegedly violating the Open Meetings Act when Governor Bruce Rauner came to the Woodstock Opera … Continue reading

Union Dues Bid for Support by Illinois Democratic Governors Thwarted by U.S. Supreme Court

Taking a page from President Barack Obama’s governance by Executive Order, Governor Rod Blagojevich ordered the unionization of all home health care workers in 2003. (No, I am wrong. Blagojevich may have provided an example for Obama to follow.) The … Continue reading

Movin’ On to Woodstock March 15th to Support Wisconsin Union Protesters

Liberals in McHenry County are being solicited by to gather in Woodstock Tuesday, March 15th, for a rally in support of teachers and other government workers in Wisconsin who lost some union privileges previously mandated by state laws. Coincidentally, … Continue reading