New York Times Statistician Sets Odds on Illinois Congressional Districts, Sees Two District Pickup for GOP

Here’s a map with a link to all 435 congressional districts. Click on a district and you will see what odds statistician Nate Silver gives each candidate for victory. Let’s look at those in Northern and Central Illinois. McHenry County … Continue reading

Has Melissa Bean Gotten Rid of Her Charlie Rangel Money?

Yesterday’s cartoon in the Chicago Tribune leads me to wonder if 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean has divested her campaign of the money contributed by ethics-challenged New York City Congressman Charlie Rangel. July 23rd was the date that challenger Joe … Continue reading

Will County District in Play, GOP Candidate’s Internal Poll Shows

Thanks to Capitol Fax Blog for the link to Public Opinion Strategies memo describing its poll findings in the 11th district race between Democrat incumbent Debbie Halvorson and challenger Adam Kinzinger. 51%-40% for the Republican with the ratio getting better … Continue reading

Bean Not Only Illinois Congressmen Being Criticized for Accepting Charlie Rangel Money

Melissa Bean (D-Barrington) challenger Joe Walsh has called for the 8th District incumbent to divest herself of campaign contributions from ethics-impaired New York City Congressman Charles Rangel. You can see in Joe Walsh Sticks Melissa Bean with Corruption Stick a … Continue reading

Illinos Corps of Engineers Pork

Barge users get subsidized transportation from the Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River. Army engineers get to stay on the payroll. Past environmental sins like the creek that flowed past the old Chicago Stockyards called Bubbly Creek has money … Continue reading

Illinois Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Congressional Earmarks ā€“ Part 3

In our look at pork found in the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development part of this year’s budget, we have gotten through the letter ā€œDā€ in the Illinois congressional delegation. The congress critters don’t make it easy. There is … Continue reading

Illinois Defense Department Pork

Looking at the web site of Taxpayers for Common Sense is a list in the Defense appropriation bill. We published the list from the Commerce, Justice and Science bill yesterday. Again, nothing I can see for McHenry County, but Republican … Continue reading