Wis. Lt. Gov. Endorses Danielle Rowe, Says She Fears Rowe May Be So Successful that Chicago Dems Will Hide Out North of the Border

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe. She is facing off against appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney and David McSweeney. LT. GOVERNOR OF WISCONSIN STANDS WITH DANIELLE ROWE ISLAND LAKE – Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is standing with conservative … Continue reading

Madison Paper Sets Sights on Turning Wisconsin’s I-90 into a Tollway

The Wisconsin State Journal isn’t satisfied with the economic shot in the pocket book that Illinois tourists and students bring to its state’s economy. It wants more of Illinois residents’ shrinking family income. The Skinner family was in the Wisconsin … Continue reading

Marengo Burglers Believed Arrested

A September 9th press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department: Residential Burglary Suspects Arrested in Rock County for the Unicorporated Marengo area Burglaries Sheriff Keith Nygren announced today the apprehension of two Rockford area men suspected in residential burglaries … Continue reading

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Prospecting for Jobs in Illinois Tuesday, Speaking to Family PAC

Governor Scott Walker’s day in Chicago started at 8 AM with an appointment with a prospective recruit for his “Open for Business” State of Wisconsin. It ended with a post-Family PAC appearance on a Chicago River cruise boat. What the … Continue reading

Young Dems Seek People to Call Wisconsin Voters Tonight and Tomorrow

It’s the 11th hour in Wisconsin, and we need your help. Earlier this year, Tea Party Governor Scott Walker and his Republican legislature adopted anti-worker legislation that strips away fundamental rights for teachers and other public employees. Over the past … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

When we went to the Kalahari Water Park in Wisconsin Dells a couple of weeks ago, I was on the lookout for posters about the bargaining rights dispute, the demonstration about which a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent me … Continue reading

Wisconsin Poll Shows 55-44% Disapproval of GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s Job Performance

This press release from We Ask America takes a look at political reactions in Wisconsin to the Republicans’ move to weaken collective bargaining for public employees. We Ask America was the only firm known to have surveyed the 8th Congressional … Continue reading

Movin’ On to Woodstock March 15th to Support Wisconsin Union Protesters

Liberals in McHenry County are being solicited by MoveOn.org to gather in Woodstock Tuesday, March 15th, for a rally in support of teachers and other government workers in Wisconsin who lost some union privileges previously mandated by state laws. Coincidentally, … Continue reading

Young Republicans Produce Ad about Wisconsin Senators, “Fugitives on the Run”

The Illinois Young Republicans are having some fun with Democratic State Senators, “fugitives on the run.” They present the charges: Avoiding tough decisions Evading their responsibilities Then they ask people to call Governor Pat Quinn. if they have any information … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Explains Proposal to Tax Non-Resident Legislators

“If it’s good enough for the Green Bay Packers, it ought to be good enough for Wisconsin legislator.” That’s part of what State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) told Statehouse News Service today when they asked him why he introduced … Continue reading

Tryon Proposes Bill to Tax Visiting Wisconsin Legislators

State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) is introducing legislation today that will apply the Illinois income tax to visiting legislators from Wisconsin and Indiana. Noting that the Democrats passed legislation to “close corporate loopholes” which resulted in Illinois taxing planes … Continue reading

$1.1 Million Goes for Union Dues in District 300

With all the fuss in Wisconsin concerning what Democrats call “union busting” legislation, I thought it might be interesting to see what’s at stake. Under one proposal of Republican Governor Scott Walker, public employee union officials (excluding police and fire … Continue reading

The Advice from Ray Bliss on Stirring Up Unions

When I was attending Oberlin College in the Ohio town named for it, a carload of Young Republicans drove to Columbus to hear U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield and state Republican Party Chairman Ray Bliss. Both were impressive. Hatfield was a … Continue reading

At Least Eight Wisconsin Senators Meet in Harvard

I got a tip from the Northern Illinois Tea Party that the missing Wisconsin State Senators were meeting at the Heritage Inn and Suites at the intersection of Routes 14 and 23 in Harvard. Silly me, I went looking for … Continue reading